Time Square Logistics has built a reliable reputation within Indian domestic transport industry, With a group of fleets more than 250 of all your Transport requirments.


Projects & ODC Transportaion

No Matter how your goods move,by air,rail,road or sea. We offer the best in consolidated, Breal bulk or charter service.We have the capacity to take care of your special project & ODC cargo; we provide tailor-made transport solution supported by our group of vehicles, material & equipments. Time Square Logistics is always ready to take care of your Packaginglist.


Port Handling

Our services in port handling includes local & national movement of Import & Export cargo containers,stuff,de-stuff, shipments with completesafety & care.


Packaging & Equipments

Fastening and Lashing-are a seprate technique.In a joint team with loaders we make sure your cargo is sucurely fastened for transportation so that it arrives widthout damage, It requires a proper understaning of your cargo hence Material to be used packaging, nylon belts used for Lashing & we have the best people to do the job,rest all the equipment required for packing in the scoope of Time Square Logistics.

Welcome to the
                     Time Square Logistics!

We have the strenght to deliver customized solution to the entire industry sector on saving cost and providing the best service. Time Square Logistics stands for competitive solutions within a trusting and service oriented environment. Time Square Logistics offers truly integrated Logistics Services to its customers through the group of more than 250 vehicles.

Mission,Vision & Values
Our Mission is to create competitive edge and superior financial results for our customers by optimizing their supply chains through innovation & total commitment.
We will be recognized nationally as the best providers of Logistic services offering door to door solutions from,to, and within all the states in India.

Our Clients

Time Square Logistics stands committed to its values and delivery of quality services with today is business requirments. Time Square Logistics is continously improving to provide its clients top quality Transport services by removing inefficiencies, using current technology and respecting our customers.

  • ODC Cargo
  • Metal Coils & Plates
  • Rigs Projects
  • Container Movements
  • LCV Tempo Supply
  • FIL heavy loads
  • Pipes
  • Textile Industries
  • Cables & Wires Industries
  • Metal Industries (Coils,Plates etc)
  • Heavy Machinery Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pipe Industries
  • Distilleries & Cranes Industries